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Well it’s been in the planning for a long time but finally we have finally come to fruition with the first delivery on Tuesday 20 August of our Veggie and Greens Boxes!
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My friends Cath & Hapi from Field to Feast grow this wonderful seasonal selection and now you can share the love! Grown Organically and without spraying on their farm and delivered right to our clinic in Elanora Heights on a weekly basis I hope this is something you will order on a regular or semi regular basis.
The boxes will work a little like a Co-Op so you don’t know what you are getting till it arrives. Just trust me to pick the finest greens and heirloom veggies for your optimal health.
Not only that but I will be including recipes that feature some of the seasonal ingredients you will be laying your hands on.
All you have to do is call the clinic:
02 99139781 to register your interest!
Pay on pick up for the order or in advance via direct debit or credit card over the phone.
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