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Sarah Beetham

Sarah Beetham counselling

Sarah has 13 years-experience as a Clinical Psychotherapist specializing in Anxiety, Depression, Attachment and Childhood Trauma Issues, working with Individuals and Couples. Within the counselling setting, Sarah provides an environment that disrupts the client’s current levels of functioning, to shift them toward change and renewed progression. By utilising theoretical and practical interventions, through the observation of the client’s discrepancies, mixed messages, conflict, and incongruity in their statements and behaviours. These inconsistencies are an important part of the difficulties and concerns for the individual or couple. The resolution of these discrepancies is central to the counselling process.

Sarah uses evidence-based techniques shown to improve psychological well-being and empower each client to cope more effectively with their lives. Sarah selects psychological modalities that research and experience has shown to be most effective for each client, such as Emotionally Focused Therapy, Gottman Method and CBT.

The focus of Sarah’s counselling style is on the client-therapist relationship, which research has indicated to be the most important factor in successful therapeutic outcomes. Collaboration occurs to develop a warm, genuine and professional therapeutic alliance. Sarah incorporates a combination of empathy and challenge, interchanging throughout the process once trust is established. This ensures a safe and nurturing environment to communicate and explore issues.

Sarah has compiled individualized resources which are provided between sessions to support and enhance the therapeutic learning experience.

Sarah Offers a Complimentary 20 Minute session via ZOOM, FaceTime or phone prior to booking a session.


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