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Herbal Birthing & Pregnancy Kit


Our Herbal Birthing Kit may contain Motherwort, Squaw Vine & Blue Cohosh for use during active labour. Herbal Medicines are to be used in a drop dose form – 12-15 drops sipped each hour may help with pain relief, relaxation, to dilate/soften cervix, increase effectiveness of contractions, calms and supports the birthing mother. Squaw vine was used by the Native Americans to support the birthing woman and helps with cervical dilation.

We can also add homeopathic medicines if needed to support birth, avoid induction or aid in healing post caesarean section. Please enquire as to your specific needs and we can make a bespoke herbal birthing kit up especially for you!

We also include a perineum oil for perineal massage which may help reduce tearing during second stage. A wonderful organic Body Butter can be included to rub on bellies and thighs to ease stretch marks…

Plus Australian Bush Flower Essences for mother and bub bonding and an Emergency blend.

ALSO two beautiful teas – Raspberry leaf which tones and supports uterine health prenatally which can be drunk in the third trimester AND a Breastfeeding Blend to support breast milk production.

I am passionate about supporting mothers rights to birth naturally with minimal interventions. I used this kit with both my births and found them incredibly useful.

Buying this product you commit to a short consultation over the phone or via skype or email so we can explain how to use this kit safely and for maximum effect.

We will send you a short form to fill in prior to shipment as per TGA guidelines. Please allow 24 hours for pick up and 5-7 days for delivery.

Please be aware: All herbal mixtures are mixed after a short phone consultation. 

TGA Exemption Code 15978

Registered Herbalist & Naturopath

Fin Mackenzie, BHSc(CompMed), ADNat, DNut, DRM, MATMS

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