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Robbed of the innocence of childhood

Many children in Australia and New Zealand are being robbed of the innocence and magic of childhood. The dramatic increase in prevalence of serious conditions such as allergies, autism, attention deficient hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and obesity are forcing children to deal with health issues that deprive them of the full enjoyment of a happy and secure childhood. More and more families are seeking support for unhappy and unhealthy children who have not followed the normal developmental path we hope all children will take.

Food Allergy and Children

According to ASCIA (Australiasian Society of Clinical Immunology and allergy) Food Allergy occurs in around 5-10% of children and 2-4% of adults.  Most common triggers: egg, cow’s milk, peanut, tree nuts, sesame, soy, wheat, fish, seafood.  Reactions range from mild e.g hives, swelling, stomach pain to severe called anaphylaxis which is life threatening and needs administration of adrenaline autoinjector (epi-pen)

A holistic approach to allergies and intolerances

Why does one person respond to an allergen in an aberrant way and another does not?

One treats it like a friend and another like an enemy!

We first address the factors that influence tolerance combined with a therapeutic elimination and staged re-introduction of foods

Reduce the environmental assaults as much as you can

By doing this you can reduce the frequency and intensity of the allergic response

Our goal is not just to aid in symptom relief but focus on correcting the underlying processes: the immune system, gut health, microbiome and digestion.

1 in 7 kids are affected by Anxiety in Australia!

  • 2.8% of Australian children and adolescents are diagnosed with a major Depressive Disorder
  • 5.4% of Australian kids have been identified as having ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)
  • 2.1% of young Australians, including children, have a diagnosis of a Conduct Disorder

Mental health and many common mental illnesses are influenced by social, economic, and physical environmental factors. For children, loving, responsive and stable relationships with a caring adult help build secure attachment between child and caregiver. This is essential for healthy social and emotional development. Secure attachment to the primary caregiver in the early years helps to protect against anxiety and boosts the ability to cope with stressors (WHO 2014).

Mental health problems in childhood can have a substantial impact on wellbeing. In addition, there is strong evidence that mental disorders in childhood and adolescence predict mental illness in adulthood (WHO 2014; Lahey 2015; NMHC 2019).

Children need more support and Naturopathic Medicine can help! Book in with Fin Mackenzie, Naturopath who specialises in children’s health at her clinic in Mona Vale – Green Door Health. 

Please ring us to book in or BOOK ONLINE HERE for an Initial Naturopathic Child Consultation or Discovery Call if you would like to speak with us first.

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