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The treatment of disorders and diseases with specific substances to correct or prevent an imbalance, and to correct the daily nutrition so that once biochemical balance has been achieved through supplementation, it can be maintained with daily diet.

A Nutritionist is a basically a food expert! They can answer all your questions about food and diet, about what an individual should be eating to stay healthy. They will know which foods are high in certain minerals that you may lack, for example, if you need more magnesium they may suggest you eat more green leafy vegetables. Or, if you are an athlete they will be able to work out how much protein you should eat everyday and which proteins would suit you in particular.

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Nutritionist Northern Beaches

A nutritionist can also help you work out any questions about food allergy by helping you complete an elimination diet. They can work with you to eliminate allergy causing foods or foods which you may have intolerance to from your diet while always replacing them with healthier alternatives.

They can give you tips and tricks to use with fussy eaters and can prescribe practitioner only nutritional supplements not available over the counter at your local health food store. In addition Nutritionists can perform simple tests in clinic to check for deficiencies like zinc and send off samples of your hair to test for heavy metal contamination. Hair analysis can also give you a wealth of information into your health. It can tell you how well you absorb your food and whether you are receiving adequate minerals in your daily diet.

If you have any questions about what you should be eating then simply see a Nutritionist as they will have all the answers!

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