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Meditation Course

Join Rama Dasa, Meditation master, humanitarian activist, musician, and entrepreneur for a 6 week meditation course.

Step out of the busy-ness of city life and into the comfortable, relaxing Green Door Health haven to delve into the ancient practice of meditation.

Throughout the six week course, we will be exploring the following:

1. Getting started / Pay Attention
2. Calming the Body and the Mind
3. Look within with Awareness
4. Focusing the Mind / Become the Compassionate Witness
5. Self Healing
6. The Essence of You: Discover the Inner Self  & Expand your Consciousness

Details: 6 week beginner level course to explore different styles of relaxation and meditation.

Small group class limited to 15 people starting 4 March at 6.30pm.

Dates are: ( 4;11;18;25 March & 1 April; 29 April )

-There will be a break of 4 weeks between lesson 5 and 6 for individual practice plus follow up with teacher.

Teacher: Rama Dasa

Course Fee: $25/lesson ( All course $ 150 )

*Level 2 and 3 courses offered later in 2014.

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