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booo to the PHI rebate cuts

I know by now you will all have received a letter from your health fund advising you that you will soon be unable to claim for Naturopathy and 16 other Natural Therapies. This comes directly down from the Federal Government based on a very flawed review that showed Naturopathy has ‘no evidence’.

We know there is evidence. There is no way I would be able to teach on a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy or have a Health Science Degree in Complementary Medicine if there was ‘no evidence’. It is a very sad day when our government is dictating what type of medicine we are allowed to choose. Make no mistake this is an attack on Natural Medicine as a whole. We are a huge thorn in the medical profession and pharmaceutical industry’s side.

Naturopathy is about taking responsibility for your own health (not handing it over to your doctor), preventing illness and avoiding drugs. When drugs no longer work and surgery and chemotherapy is only making people sicker what then?

What will happen now is that the quasi regulation that the Private Health Funds offered (making sure we were fully qualified : we have the same undergraduate qualifications as a doctor, whereas doctors go on to specialize in surgery or paediatrics we study clinical nutrition and herbal medicine) ensuring adequate education, insurance, first aid and clinical training will be removed. This will pave the way for ANYONE to call themselves a Naturopath and set up practice. So be aware of this and tell your friends and family.

I often see patients who need immediate referral to a GP for serious conditions. I don’t pretend to know how to treat them and I am not trained to do so. But someone with a red flag condition presenting to an untrained therapist is just plain dangerous. It’s a recipe for disaster. I treat my patients within my scope of practice and that is how I was trained. Very well I may add over many years (5+) of study and with additional 400 hours in student clinic.

I really thought when I started studying Naturopathy 20 years ago we were heading towards a better future. A future in which complementary and orthodox medicine can work together. You only have to see the huge growth in health foods, supplement sales, alternative ways of living/exercising/eating, yoga, meditation and the search for wellbeing. It is in fact a BILLION DOLLAR industry and that is threatening the powers that be.

But don’t let them win.

Stand up for your rights. Keep visiting your Natural Therapist whoever they are: Naturopath, Herbalist, Kinesiologist, Homeopath or Yoga Teacher. Keep supporting us. Keep supporting your right to have a choice.

For all those who cannot afford to see me without a Health Fund Rebate I am happy to offer you the same monetary amount off that you have always claimed. That is how much I believe in what we do. I don’t do it “for the money” I do it for “the love”.

See you soon!

Peace Out

Your Friendly Local Naturopath…not going anywhere!

Fin Mackenzie

BHSc(CompMed), AdvDipNat, DNut, DRM, MATMS

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