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I have a confession to make… I had some health issues last year that threw me for a loop. Naturopaths are not meant to get sick are they? But we are human after all and also suffer the human condition of not being in control of everything (or anything!?) Some of them are circumstances like genetics, combined with stress (moving house, moving business, moving relationships).

Earlier last year I found myself suffering from a shoulder injury and had some surprising health news. This made me really look at what I was doing. After moving both my home and business in one year and various other general stresses to do with family & relationships I found myself at the receiving end of some not so great health news. My hormonal and endocrine system was suffering the effects of stress combined with a lack of love and care.

But if you know me you know it’s hard to keep me down! I won’t accept a ‘no changing your diet won’t work’’ from a regular  GP(have you met me??) No – I changed my diet, changed my lifestyle, changed my mindset and really started looking after myself again. I also reached out for help and I really noticed my mood and energy change. AND some unusual markers returned to normal.

As a parent I was also putting myself last… which is really common.  And at the end of day as my mum once said to me –

“If you go down, the whole family suffers”

I realized I could do more. I could eat better. I could take herbs & vitamins again. I could remove toxic situations from my life. I could exercise smarter.  I could do more yoga. I could take more bush walks. I could dance. I could have more fun!

I could also do less… and basically relax more. Hello holidays!

Life is too damn short to waste it being miserable (that’s my motto by the way) !!

I know we are all stressed and it’s expensive to live in Sydney. We are time poor and there are too many screens, 5G is coming and did you see the state of the environment?? It’s enough to make anyone sick.

But why are we really here? To be stressed to the max, not spend quality time with our children, partners, friends and family or in nature and spend all our working hours at work (or thinking about work) ?

I don’t think so.

We are here for multiple reasons and I won’t even begin to guess the reason you are here! I know my ‘reason for being’ and one of my purposes in life is to do this job that I love. But it is also to spend time with my kids, travel, laugh, give back and enjoy my life. And start new things…I am featured on my first podcast! You can access it here

Life is a precious gift.

Enjoy it

If you want to start enjoying life again

Give me a ring.

I have been there and I know how hard it is when you face ageing and your own mortality and think…

What do I do now?

You are only human and so am I. I hope I can guide you to feeling better…

Call me

02 9979 9888

Stay Well !


Fin Mackenzie – Naturopath & Herbalist




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