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green smoothie

Join us for a 10 day Green Smoothie challenge and win a free Naturopathic Health Check or Bio Impedance Analysis!

Do you feel tired all the time?

Do you want to be healthier but not sure where to start?

  1. Your energy levels will increase
  2. You will not get sick as often
  3. They keep you going for ages
  4. They take literally seconds to make
  5. They taste delicious!

It all starts with a Green Smoothie packed with leafy greens, hydrating fluid and fresh fruit and vegetables. What’s not to like? I promise you that if you do it for 10 days you will notice an immediate improvement in your body and mind. You will do your liver a service, reduce inflammation, alkalize your system and feed the healthy bacteria in your gut. And it is way more fun than popping a pharmaceutical multivitamin.

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