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Selenite is a beautiful crystal that ranges in colour from blue, green, orange-brown, clear and white. There is also a variety called Angel’s Wing Selenite(clear/White) and another called Desert Rose Selenite.
Selenite is a very peaceful stone that brings stillness and calm to any space. Brilliant for meditation and spiritual work, it raises one’s awareness, it assists with clarity and in seeing the truth. Selenite has a soft vibration that brings us in touch with Angelic guidance and connection. It is also a protective stone, particularly in keeping outside influences out which make Selenite a wonderful choice for Gridding your chosen space. Raking a Selenite wand through your aura or laying Selenite over the heart helps clear energy congestion, negativity and allows for freer energy flow. Selenite assists with spinal alignment and helps with mercury neutralization. Being a nurturing stone makes Selenite a lovely choice for babies and children.

selenite crystal
Above, beautiful high vibrational clear Selenite.

healing crystals

Selenite forms in rods but can be polished into smooth shapes.

selenite crystal healing

Desert Rose Selenite pictured below, is great for dissolving old programs, replacing new programs and strengthening affirmations. Yum!
selenite crystal

Interested in some beautiful Selenite? We have some lovely pieces here at Green Door Health and will have more amazing Selenite Lamps in the next week or two!! Naturally if there is a special crystal you would like we can select/purchase it especially for you.
Interested to learning more about crystals? Come on in for a chat or consider taking part in a Crystal Workshop.
There will be a Spring Crystal Workshop being offered at Green Door Health. Stay tuned….Fun!

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