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Children’s Health Day – Tuesday 30th June

It’s our monthly Children’s Health Day again!

On the last Tuesday of each month we offer 50% off all Children’s Naturopathy or Nutrition consultations for those that need it. It has been going for at least 5 years now and is always popular and bookings are essential.

I was recently scrolling through Instagram (as you do) when i came across an interesting product.  Always on the look out for healthy snack options for my child patients I found Tummy Gummies: a gluten, dairy and refined sugar free snack that’s good for you! We know and the evidence tells us that a healthy gut is vital for a healthy mood, good digestion and glowing skin, not to mention a robust immune system. This is especially important for children and I wrote a blog about it if you want to know more here read this

Because of the importance of gut health for our overall well-being and the added difficulty of getting enough protein between meals I think Tummy Gummies really hits the spot and fills that niche in a fun way!

Tummy Gummies was started by Elaine and Steph Varipatis – a mother and daughter duo from Sydney’s Lower North Shore who both share a love for good food, healthy living and yummy snacks. I had a chat with them about how they came up with the idea…

Elaine had spent years searching and experimenting with snacks that would suit and help her sensitive tummy, often finding them healthy but uninspiring, and certainly not fun enough to make her want to come back for more – let alone to get her family or friends excited.  After a few short weeks she would often lose interest in them and be in search of the next thing.

This all changed when she started to make gelatin gummies with real fruits and probiotics, which she soon found that she was hooked on. With more people than ever being time poor and needing healthier options to improve their gut health and overall health, Steph and Elaine feel it is important to share their creation with others.

What are Tummy Gummies?

Tummy Gummies are a new product that launched in 2020 with a simple goal of creating yummy snacks that are good for you.

What are they made of?

They are Gelatin and Probiotic Gummies made with all natural and mostly organic ingredients. They are shaped like semi-spheres of roughly 3.5cm across and are great as healthy snacks between meals, after dinner, in kids’ lunchboxes and more!

Tummy Gummies are free from gluten, dairy, refined sugar, and preservatives and additives.

One of the core ingredients in Tummy Gummies is a high quality grass fed gelatin, which is a natural product that is known to help with gut and digestive health, maintaining strong bones and tendons, improving skin, nails and hair health and may even help improve sleep. You can learn more about gelatin here. 

They then use high quality ingredients to create yummy flavours that are fun and satisfy cravings, these include organic or locally sourced fruits, organic coconut cream and organic raw honey.

Finally, they add natural probiotics into our recipes including kombucha SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) or organic coconut yoghurt. Probiotics are friendly bacteria that are important for gut health and immune function.

Who are they good for?
Tummy Gummies are great for both adults and children who want to swap out some unhealthy snacks from their diet or who want a guilt-free treat between meals. They are also fantastic for those who have special dietary considerations or who are looking to improve their gut health.

Why did we create them?

Because there should be guilt-free snacks that are fun, tasty, and truly good for you!  We know sugar filled snacks aren’t good for us, the problem is that healthy options are often boring and don’t satisfy cravings.  More people than ever are also struggling with poor gut health that negatively impacts their day-to-day and long term health.

We spent years searching for snacks that were gut healthy, good for us and tasted great, and that’s what led us to creating Tummy Gummies!

Where to find Tummy Gummies

As Tummy Gummies are a new product, they can be found at select Farmers’ Markets on the Northern Beaches (The Beaches Market on Fridays at Warriewood, Mona Vale and North Sydney) & North Shore, and are starting to appear at select health food stores. Keep an eye on their Instagram page for market listings.

They can also be purchased directly via the Tummy Gummies website for customers in Sydney, and you can also now find them here at Green Door Health!


Instagram: @tummy_gummies

If you would like to try a sample of Tummy Gummies pop into Green Door Health

As our Children’s Health Day is once more approaching we would like to offer you to try before you buy as we feel you will be just as addicted as I am so pop in to try flavours like mango scoby, immune booster, chocolate, berry and strawberries & cream any day this month. I think its a fantastic way to get kids to eat more fruit and vegetables while helping support their immune and gut health!

Book here for our children’s health day 

Fin Mackenzie – Naturopath & Herbalist






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