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Did you make a New Year’s Resolution? You are not alone, statistics say at least 40-50% of us make them. They can range from saving money to starting an exercise regime. Many people who smoke say they want to give up…. not surprising really considering the health concerns. We all know how hard it is though, almost every cell in the body has a nicotine receptor on it!

It’s hard to quit, but it is worth it. Quitting smoking is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

You will feel better, you will look better & your health will improve. Only 20 minutes after your last smoke, your heat rate slows down & your blood pressure drops slightly. Not long after that the levels of carbon monoxide in your blood starts going down. Your body is already beginning to heal itself.

After 2 weeks of staying smoke free, you will notice some big changes. Your lung function will increase & your blood circulation will improve which means you will have more available energy to walk, run & play sport.

Book in for a 2 session STOP SMOKING Bioresonance program with Anita Wilson

Includes a Herbal Elixir and NAC

Usually $375…

save $75 if booked before January 31st!

ONLY $300


The first person to book in will receive Eden Superfoods Nutrient Dense Greens with chlorella -Chlorella can help eliminate toxins and heavy metals accumulated from smoking cigarettes and tobacco (see more info below…)

Make an appointment at Green Door Health for a STOP SMOKING Bioresonance Session with Anita Wilson and we will send you all the information you need!

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