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“We were struggling with our daughter’s eczema for months before a friend recommended Fin. She took the time to ask all the right questions and prescribed some natural supplements. Within 48 hours, our daughter’s skin had cleared and the supplements she takes continue to keep her immune system very healthy and her eczema and allergies are controllable without any pharmaceutical creams or drugs.

We were so moved by our success we now share our experiences on our Blog to give others hope and show there is a better way. Thank you so much Fin!” Olivia & Danny, Cromer

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Firstly thank you so much for your assessment of Annie.  Annie and I got more from your appointment then we have in years visiting doctors. It makes me want to cry.

Looking forward to our follow up consultation and getting started on repairing her gut. Annie and I are so thrilled she is feeling better then she has in a long time.

Sylvia, Terrey Hills

August 2017

Just wanted to express my sincerest appreciation for your wealth of knowledge & expertise!

Honestly I am overwhelmed with gratitude to you. Like I said to you today, it’s such a relief to find you, & finally have answers to worrying questions regarding my health I’ve had my ENTIRE life, that I’ve always suspected & never been diagnosed &/treated!

You really make a difference to people’s lives & I just wanted you to know the work you do is really special & important.

Anyways that’s enough from me!

Looking forward to better health

Thanks again

Mary, Mona Vale

August 2017

“I would like to thank you for the incredible difference you have made in my daughter’s life.  We came to see you 2 ½ years ago when she was 13.  A very headstrong kid who was not interested in the “boring” homecooked meals.  She ate a lot of junk, fat and sugar.  At that time my daughter had been on antibiotics for her acne for the previous 2 years.  Sadly her skin was gradually worsening.  We were at a crossroads, do we go for the stronger dose antibiotic or do we try a different approach.

I am so grateful we came to see you that day!  In only two appointments you turned my daughter’s health around and she has never looked back.  The way you engaged and spoke to her directly really connected and the fundamentals you shared with her have become the basis of her dietary choices.  You have truly equipped her with a life skill and I cannot thank you enough.  She is now an energetic, fit and healthy 15 year old with bright eyes and glowing skin.  Most importantly though, a quiet confidence that comes with self-care.  I cannot thank you enough!

P.S. She stopped taking antibiotics after that first consultation with you and never took another one. “ Kelly, Elanora Heights

August 2017

“After seeing my Naturopath, Fin Mackenzie for a few sessions, it was suggested that I try Hair Testing. I have been suffering from Psoriasis for about 4 yrs after having some health difficulties during the pregnancy with my daughter.

I had tried many different treatments and after seeing Fin, we discussed the Hair Food Sensitivity Testing.

My hair was sent away and when the results came back, there were certain foods and ‘lifestyle’ factors that could possibly be contributing to my symptoms.

I have now eliminated these food groups, taking some supplements and changed certain aspects of my lifestyle and after 3 solid weeks have seen an INCREDIBLE change in my skin. It is much clearer, not itchy and I feel far more confident wearing clothes that exposes my skin. I no longer feel embarrassed by how I look.

The Allergenics test was specific on certain foods that could trigger my issues and this helped to eliminate foods more easily.

I am continuing this regime for the next few weeks which will help me to see more major improvements like I already have in my skin.”

  Therese, Narrabeen

April 2018

“I was urged to visit Fin Mackenzie naturopath at Green door health Elanora, through one of her colleagues at Green door.  Even before my visit with Fin, I was sent an extensive questionnaire about  health. When I arrived at my first visit it was apparent that Fin had carefully read the questionnaire, I was really impressed.  In my first visit I had a two hour session that covered my health concerns. Fin was able to accurately tell me what she thought were the problems and ideas on how to fix them, through diet and supplements.  I really enjoyed her knowledge and left eager to try her ideas. 

I was stunned I had immediate results from her supplements. And through her I have regained a better quality of life. My body is not in as much pain and I have so much more energy.  I am keen to see how further her help will take me.

I have been so impressed, and had comments from family members saying how much more energy I seem to have.

I would recommend Fin to everybody!” Joanne, Seaforth

August 2015

” Thanks very much for all your help and expertise with both my daughters health.  For the past couple of years we have sought help from Doctors, Paediatricians, Dietitions and  Immunologists.  None were able to offer a solution to the symptoms the girls were experiencing.

It was very reassuring to finally talk to someone who had excellent up to date knowledge of children’s health and who was willing to investigate these issues with testing.  Finally we got some answers and it all made sense. 

The change is their health has been dramatic. They feel so good.   I can tell from their brightness and increased energy levels.

I can’t help but smile when I see them so happy and healthy.  It’s all a mother wants. 

I feel confident that their health issues have been diagnosed and that the supplements and dietary advice that was given are excellent.  I can’t thank you enough as the whole family has benefited from these changes and I feel we are all on the path to a happier healthier life.” Lara, Ingleside

“I do recommend to every person I talk to with similar things going on to get up there and just get it done (The Food Detective Test).

As you know for me it really was like a metamorphic change. I don’t know how I ever got through a day with my body struggling like it was.

Lost 11kgs and now putting back on about 1.5 kg’s from I’m assuming muscle mass (hoping anyway).  Training and surfing lots with my boys is my new life. All thanks to you.” David, Collaroy

Using a combination of a controlled diet, a probiotic and fish oil, Bonny transformed from suffering with eczema all over her body to clear skin.

Charlotte TestimonialDoctors prescribed a steroid cream (Mometasone Furuoate 0.1%) to provide comfort to Bonny. Although this cream does ease the irritation, it simply masks the symptoms and does not deal with the underlying reason for the eczema. Also, as a side effect, the cream is likely to thin the skin which made this undesirable to use all over an infants body.

Acting on Fins advice we modified Bonny’s diet by adding a probiotic and fish oil. We also discovered foods that were adding to the problem and eliminated them. Before long the bad rash vanished and the irritation subsided. Bonny slept sounder and is now a much happier child.”

Archie & Yvonne, Fairlight

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