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Hi everyone!

I had an amazing treatment this week with the talented Kirsten Severino. I feel that our Kinesiology Session worked on unblocking some subconscious patterns that were sabotaging me. When we can’t seem to make changes or start a course of treatment or stick to a new routine that we have set ourselves we might need to look at our self saboteurs. Usually they hide very well, rearing their heads when you least expect them. Often we are not even aware we are being sabotaged and blame ourselves, others or situations calling ourselves lazy, busy or procrastinators. Sound familiar?

beat your subconscious saboteurs at Green Door Health

What if i told you that your subconscious mind is kind of like an iceberg. Above the water lies our conscious mind but the vast majority lies under the water out of view but no less real or potentially destructive. We all know what happened to the Titanic… it hit the submerged part of an iceberg and sunk. If we steer our ship while being aware of our subconscious patterns how much more successful and potentially fulfilled could we be?

I also decided to take time out and went away for the weekend. Out of all the places on Airbnb I looked at within an 90 minute drive of Sydney I just unknowingly booked a house owned by a Naturopath (thanks Universe!) who had a healing centre downstairs. I happily had a treatment, walked by the lake in nature with my other half, sat in a wonderful spa and barely talked to anyone (except him!). It was rejuvenating and restorative. This Naturopath also had quite a few signs up saying “Are you Stressed?” which made me laugh really as I also have these in my clinic but there I was letting the stress build until it created physical symptoms. In my case it was sore and stiff back. Not to mention anxiety and over reacting about little things. Luckily the warm water and massage/cupping session eliminated much of the pain. The walking and quiet helped calm my mind and made me feel more centered.

Stress has been a big problem for me this year. Of course when I notice it building I take the appropriate supplements and herbs but it just made me realize that time out is crucial to just Breathe and Be. Since my break and treatment with Kirsten i am ready to make it to the end of Winter in a good space!

We are also about to add a new therapist Katika Funnell to our amazing team who specializes in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.  She will be offering health fund rebates and practicing not just acupuncture but a form of cupping called moxibustion which is fantastic for pain. In addition she performs facial acupuncture which is brilliant for tackling sagging skin, fine lines, frown lines, wrinkles and crows feet. So stay tuned for more info…Katika is already on our website so you can book online at anytime from now!

Remember we also have Nicola George our Psychologist on hand to help with her special brand of talk therapy. With a mental health care plan from your GP you can access a rebate which makes it more affordable for all.

Also in order to better understand your needs and improve what our clinic offers and how it is run we have set up a little survey.

And in return we are offering…

20% off Naturopathic Consultation AND PRODUCTS!

Do you need anything?

Just complete the survey and quote the code given at your next appointment or when you pop in to buy a product you have run out of

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Stay Warm and Well and remember…


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