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We all need a little guidance in our lives and so here at Green Door Health we offer these modalities to help you on your way…

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Transformational Coaching

Transformational Coaching

The New Paradigm in healing and improving Mind Body Health. It is the fastest & easiest way to Access Change and Long Term Improvement. A coaching session will begin to unravel the dynamics of any stuck or stubborn pattern and allow changes to occur.

When we are in resistance, the pattern/problem remains the same, often getting worse. Releasing the resistance immediately brings about a sense of relief, a feeling of lightness and free flowing energy that will refresh & enliven Mind and Body.


This session is based on multiple modalities to address one or two concerns. It is aimed at giving new perspectives, alternatives ideas & some take-home practises that will encourage the MIND~ BODY pathways to be more connected.


A deeply relaxing , rejuvenating & re-energizing experience. If you’re feeling like you’ve been overwhelmed & too busy with life, and want to feel light & bubbly, this session is for you. Aligns you with your hearts desires.

Oracle Reading


Combining beautiful Oracle Wisdom & A clear open channel for the Power of Source to come through.

~Clarity & Direction ~ Loving emanations to guide you on your path~ Raise awareness & increase focus & intent

The connections with Source allows a space for miracles, grace & ease to flow through you.

The eternal love of Source is always in ALL ways calling us forward. These can assist you in your own attuning with Source.

We can help!

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