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Kirsten Severino Kinesiology at Green Door Health Detox

Often when we are undertaking a detox program, we experience lots of physical symptoms. And more often that not along with those physical symptoms come the sneaky emotional and mental ones.

Can I finish this program? Self-doubt

Why do I have to go to these lengths to feel healthy? Frustration

I can’t stop thinking about all the food I shouldn’t be eating – Frustration and Anger

What if this doesn’t work for me, then what? Fear

Even giving up and falling off the wagon can elicit a multitude of emotional reactions – Failure, Shame, Guilt, Regret, and Anger

A detox program isn’t just about detoxing our physical bodies, it can also be an opportunity to detox and clear out the emotional, mental and sometimes spiritual aspects of ourselves.

Ever wondered how you got to the point where you needed to actually undertake a detox?

Habits, emotions, thoughts, and sabotages.

We all have them.

And if not addressed they can affect your ability to effectively detox.

Kirsten Severino Kinesiology at Green Door Health Detox

Here’s where Kinesiology can compliment your detox program.

Feel like kicking addictions such as coffee, chocolate, certain carbs are reasons why you just can’t quite detox; kinesiology can help you find the awareness as to why you are craving or addicted to those things.

Having thoughts like… well I just never stick to those plans, so there is no point trying?

Kinesiology can help you clear and reprogram those beliefs.

Feel like there are more than just physical reasons as to why you need to detox in the first place?

Kinesiology can look at emotional and mental aspects that may be affecting your health and health choices.

A few more benefits to adding some Kinesiology sessions to your detox program:

  • Identify nutritional deficiencies

With the amount of pollutants, heavy metals and food additives in society, it is important that for an effective detox your body is replenished with adequate nutrients to help your body detox to its best ability.

  • Switch off fight/ flight

Our inner survival system can go into a fight flight mode when there is big change in our life. Our bodies can identify a detox as a threat. Flight may mean that you simply run away from the situation ie. don’t finish the detox. Fight can mean that you are angered by the detox. Both of these can be sabotaging to your progress.

Being in fight /flight can also mean that you are releasing too much cortisol.

Elevated cortisol levels can create chronic stress in the body, interfere with learning and memory, lower immune function and bone density, increase weight gain, blood pressure, cholesterol, heart disease…the list goes on.

  • Detox toxic emotions, beliefs and thoughts

Our lives are dictated by our thoughts, our emotions and by what we believe.  Often these are present at a subconscious level.  Kinesiology accesses your sub conscious mind to find out what is going on.  You may have all the best intentions as to why you want to detox.  But beliefs, emotions and thoughts can hold you back from actually achieving the results you want.

Do ‘I deserve a treat’?


‘I must finish everything on my plate!’

Does that ring a bell?

These could be amongst the possible sub conscious beliefs you have on board that are thwarting your weight loss and detox efforts.

You will often find that when detoxing many emotions can rise to the surface.

Rather than trying to stuff them back down (and trust me that doesn’t make them go away), see it as a perfect opportunity to work with understanding, acceptance and then release these emotions.

Holding on to emotions can have debilitating effects.

Kinesiology can be a powerful tool to clear and resolve these toxic emotions, beliefs and thoughts, which can indeed act like poison to your whole system.

  •  Assist in supporting organs for detoxification

Kinesiology can assess whether any of your organs or bodily systems need a little extra support for the duration of your detox.

  • Habit Changing

Kinesiology can help shift bad habits.

Got some habits you would like to kick alongside your detox?

No better time than now whilst you are in the throes of change.


If you are about to or are currently undergoing a detox program, and you would like to really make the most of your efforts, now is the time to add Kinesiology to your program.

If you are currently detoxing with Fin Mackenzie at Green Door Health I have a special offer for you whilst you are on your program.

 3 Sessions for $300 (that’s a saving of $90)

Just book online and mention this offer at time of booking or call us 02 99139781

Health care rebates are also available for covering health insurers.

If you are currently not on a program but this peaks your interest go to

Fin’s blog here to find out the details on how to get started.

Kirsten Severino Kinesiology at Green Door Health Detox

 Happy Week to you all!

 Kirsten Severino


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