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Welcome to our Annual Group Detox Challenge!  I have written before about the benefits in previous posts which you can check out here. But I thought it would help you all with perspective if I present a real case study to show you what a detox can really do.  It can help on so many different levels and in so many ways and here are just a few…

  1. Creates HEALTHY HABITS – 21 days to form a habit so after 28 days you have it down pat!
  2. You find out which foods you may be INTOLERANT to – by removing the main allergens we then find out what foods affect you by reintroducing them one by one via challenges (optional 😊).
  3. Your LIVER gets an over haul – many people find their ability to detoxify from substances eg alcohol/caffeine improves.
  4. Your GUT gets a clean and reset with the right bacteria and foods to keep them healthy.
  5. Any FOOD CRAVINGS REDUCE – and often are replaced by healthier options.
  6. You start to DETOXIFY YOUR BRAIN – set patterns and subconscious beliefs rise to the surface no long obscured by addictive foods or behaviours.
  7. You FEEL MORE ENERGETIC so you exercise more regularly either during the detox or after.
  8. You find WAYS TO RELAX that you were not aware of – some people start meditating regularly.
  9. You start to affect those around you in a POSITIVE WAY.
  10. You feel HAPPIER – as your gut gets healthier more serotonin is produced (80% is actually produced in the gut!)
  11. You keep some of the CHANGES and incorporate them into your lifestyle on a LONG TERM BASIS.
  12. You feel GREAT and want to do it again!

Case Study

Greg* is a 47 year old male – recently diagnosed with fatty liver. He was finding it harder to recover from any physical activity or exercise, what used to take a day or two at the most took 4-5 days which could be a sign of hidden inflammation.  Greg felt “lethargic and lousy” and mentally not himself, his concentration was off, he was irritable and was feeling stressed out. He had put on weight (5+kg). Because of this inability to recover from exercise he had stopped running his usual 8-10kms a week which just made him feel worse. He did keep up some surf lifesaving, small bike rides and occasionally played soccer.

He had two knee reconstructions in the past and had lower back pain, tight hamstrings and pain in his neck from computer work. His energy was 6 out of 10. He had itchy and dry skin.

There was a family history of depression, his paternal grandmother had what might have been severe depression/bipolar. His sleep was ok, falling asleep at 9.30-10.30 and up at 5.30 for work. Once a year he got sick with a cold/flu and usually took antibiotics. He suffered digestive symptoms like flatulence, burping, bloating but his bowels were regular. He was not on any medications and did not take any supplements.


Breakfast – toasted muesli with lite milk and a banana

Midmorning – fruit, carrot sticks, humus, naughty things like chocolate/cakes/biscuits

Lunch – chicken salad with lots of dressing, couscous, wraps

Dinner – fish, meat, veggies he was trying to cut back on potatoes/pasta/bread but loved them

Water – 2 litres a day

Coffee – 1 large a day with regular milk

Alcohol – regular social drinker

Weeks 1-2

Greg found the first few days tough, he had a headache, felt “crappy” but then gradually he started feeling good and his “metabolism kicked in”. He found it hard to cut milk in his cereal but he was eating more variety of colourful vegetables, enjoying gluten free wraps and other GF options, more fish and was making an effort to take healthier things to work for lunch often leftovers. He was eating lots of fish and chicken, bitter greens, goat’s feta/cheese and trying things he normally would not. The first few days he felt quite tired but then his energy improved, so he started exercising again. All his digestive symptoms had disappeared. He started having very large bowel movements almost like a clear out it was uncomfortable for a while and foul smelling but all resolved in a week.

Weeks 3-4

Greg said he “honestly felt transformed”, everything felt better and he had lost a lot of weight (8kg) with only a small increase in exercise. He feels like he is making better food choices especially when travelling and has no food cravings whatsoever! He swapped to almond milk, bought a Nutribullet and started making smoothies in the mornings with fresh fruit. Greg had felt a huge shift. Football was about to start again so he was going to start that up again as he felt he had the energy and ability to recover faster. His back and neck pain had notably improved.

Follow up

Greg’s ability to recover from exercise was back where it was before only taking 1-2 days, in addition his overall energy had improved to 8-9, his digestive symptoms and itchy skin had resolved. Greg was extremely happy with these improvements and was motivated to continue many of the lifestyle changes. He moved to a maintenance program.

detox with a turmeric latte at green door health

Detox 2 – 1 year later

Greg came back in as he had started putting on a little weight around 2-3 kg and had gone back to some old habits eg. crumpets in the morning, too much dairy and poor food choices.  His abdominal fat seemed to have increased. He was snoring again and his wife was not happy!

Week 1-4

He had lost 3 kg so far, feeling good, didn’t get coffee headache this time and loving turmeric lattes! Feeling lighter, more energy, better overall. Eating Paleo when out now and easy to find amazing cafes so searching for them, bought paleo snacks, having smoothies in the morning and better lunches.  He was sleeping better and snoring less.

Follow up

Greg wants to stick with the diet as feels so good on it. He has lost 5kg overall. He started boot camp through work twice a week, he is sticking to turmeric lattes and is off dairy and caffeine. He mentions only eating about 6 slices of GF bread the whole time which was a change from last time. He also found it 100% easier than last time. He thinks it’s because his body had so much more to clear out and reset last year after years of poor habits. His fatty liver had also improved according to his doctor.

He is enjoying coconut yoghurt, mushrooms and eggs for breakfast on the weekends. Smoothies during week, no lethargy, all food cravings gone. The only thing he really missed was a big juicy steak!  Greg had been to plenty of work functions but only had 1 glass of wine.

Going forward we will be focusing on his stress levels and supporting his immune system by optimising his zinc levels which we discovered were poor. By supporting adrenal health we will also create more stamina, better concentration and ability to deal with stress in his life.

We will also be performing a hair test to work out food sensitivities and address the stress response by committing to some Kinesiology sessions with Kirsten Severino to clear out any subconscious saboteurs.

And best of all Greg can go enjoy a nice (organic grass fed) juicy steak –  he’s certainly earned it!

Email us about our Detox Challenge for prices and information!

First three to sign up* receives a


$70 winter holiday massages at green door health

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*for the integrated 4 week detox

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